Ship management



Changes in VG-Shipping organization

Captain Eeva Karihaara (34) has been appointed Crewing Manager at VG-Shipping. Previously Eeva has worked at Trafi Maritime Qualifications department, and before this several years with crewing and payroll administration on Bore Ltd. She has also worked onboard  in different positions.

Chief Engineer Jari Simpura (52) has been appointed Technical Manager at VG-Shipping. Previously Jari was chief engineer at M/S Silja Serenade at Tallink Silja. He has also worked onboard the state military vessels and R/V Aranda and had management positions ashore.  

Kirsi Vallenius, Petro Toivonen and Risto Kankare have moved to new assignments outside Meriaura Group. We thank Petro and Kirsi for the past years and wish them good luck with future challenges! 

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